Curriculum Vitae


Boston University - Boston, MA - (2013 - 2019)
MS: Electrical Engineering - 2016
PhD: Electrical Engineering - 2019

Harvard College - Cambridge, MA - (2008 - 2012)
SB: Electrical Engineering & Comp. Sci
Language Citation: Mandarin Chinese


As lab safety coordinator, I oversee that safety practices are implemented in the lab and serve as a liaison with the Environmental health and safety office. I also serve as assistant manager in the BU Optoelectronic Processing Facility. I am also a good team player, having worked well with others in teaching teams and research collaborations.

I am comfortable programming in MATLAB for data processing and GUI programming. I have built several websites including this one for which I use HTML, CSS, Javascript. I also build GUI instrument drivers in LabVIEW and Python, made simple android apps in Java and have programmed micro-controllers in C.

I have extensive experience in Nano-Lithography methods including Photo-lithography, Ebeam-lithography, SEM imaging, FIB milling, Material Evaporation, Material RF Sputtering, RIE etching and AFM measurement, having applied these methods for over five years.

Having faced many obstacles as typical in research, ranging from physical limitations of material structures, to fabrication and measurement difficulties, I have become quite adept at breaking complicated nebulous problems in to smaller manageable parts and finding creative solutions for them.

Specialized Skills

Research: Nanofabrication, optical FDTD simulation, SEM imaging, FIB milling, PCB design, Theoretical and experimental characterization of optical devices
Programming: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, LabVIEW, MATLAB, Java, Lumerical, C
Language: Swahili (Native speaker); Mandarin Chinese (Conversational fluency)

Technical Experience

PAIELLA GROUP - (Boston, MA) - Research Assistant (Sept 2013 – 2019)
Project: Plasmonic Meta-Surface directional light emitters and sensors.

Designed and fabricated optical plasmonic meta-surfaces for directional light sensing and directional light beaming.
Designed a flat lens-less camera, based on the compound eye vision modality in collaboration with the computational imaging group at Boston University. This camera technology has superior capabilities including infinite depth of view, wide viewing angle and ability for polarized vision
Designed and built a custom automated experimental test setup for testing optical devices.
Upgraded research group website to a more open, easily accessible form and actively maintained it.

SCHLUMBERGER-DOLL RESEARCH - (Cambridge, MA) - Research Associate (August 2012 – Present)
Project: High-temperature High-pressure Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) flow sensing.

­ Built and tested a prototype PCB circuit board for high pressure, high temperature sensing.
­ Designed and built a high temperature, high pressure test setup appropriate to simulate a real oil rig downhole environment for device testing.

LONCAR LAB. FOR NANO-SCALE OPTICS - (Cambridge, MA) - Research Assistant (June 2010 – May 2012)
Project: Silicon Photonic Crystal ultra-high resolution micro-spectrometer.

Designed and built a prototype functional micro-spectrometer based on silicon photonic crystals and micro-heaters under guidance of Prof. Loncar and Dr. Parag. This device was able to recover a spectroscopic spectrum of a standard gas cell with comparable spectral resolution to a conventional bench top high resolution spectrometer, despite being more than 1000 times smaller in dimension
Fabricated and packaged the micro-spectrometer (including wire bonding) and tested the working device.

BOSTON UNIVERSITY - (Boston, MA) – Optical Processing Facility Lab Assistant (August 2017 – Present)

Trained new users for various pieces of equipment in the clean-room, helped maintain equipment in good running condition and also helped troubleshoot whenever other cleanroom users had problems running their processes.
Wrote a python programming language based GUI instrument driver for the Agilent HP4284A LCR meter to ease data collection for cleanroom users.
Initiated and spearheaded upgrade of the cleanroom computers system, procuring new computers and also creation of a cleanroom virtual folder for quick access to reference material and equipment documents for all cleanroom users.

Other Experience
Harvard Student Agencies Cleaners (Cambridge, MA)- Manager – Peabody Terrace(Jan 2009 –Feb 2010)
Directly supervised the activities of the Peabody Terrace laundry Depot and handed any complaints from customers in the largest student-run Corporation in the world.
Equity Bank (Eldoret, Kenya) - Student employee (2008 - 2008)
Served as a cashier, helped in handling customer inquiries and participated in marketing events.
Dairy Farm Manager (Eldoret, Kenya) (2006 - 2008)
Directly supervised all the activities of a small dairy farm with 6 employees, 100 head of cattle, 30 sheep and 100acres of land.

  • (Provisional Application filed) Lens free compound eye camera
Mentored several undergraduate students: selecting a research topic for them, helping them come up with goals, training them on equipment, explaining scientific principles and guiding them as they carried out their projects. Students have been from the National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates (NSF REU) as well as other funding programs.
Lab Safety Co-ordinator (May 2015 - Present)
Oversee that safety practices are implemented in the lab including monitoring compliance with training certification guidelines and serve as a liaison with the Environmental health and safety office.
Boston University College of Engineering Dean's Fellowship Award (Fall 2013)
BU’s most prestigious graduate fellowship award offered to candidates with not only exceptional academic performance but also research experience and interests that match up with several BU Engineering faculty and its most renowned research.
Harvard University Certificate of Distinction in Teaching (Spring 2012)
Awarded to teaching fellows, teaching assistants, and course assistants with outstanding performance each semester.

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References Available on Request.